Pam McGuinness formed Liberty Equine Therapies after qualifying as an Equine Merishia Massage Therapist. She has had years of competition experience in eventing, dressage, showing, team chasing and is also a qualified BHSAI.

Having had a couple of horses with issues, Pam became more interested in equine physiology and how best to manage certain issues. She decided to train in equine massage therapy in order to help her current horse, as well as other horses, to feel more comfortable, be more flexible and therefore more able to do their job, whatever discipline it might be. She finds it fascinating how horses function, how they can compensate for injury or discomfort, yet can still try their their best for us.

Pam is committed to further development, and has an ongoing program of CPD courses lined up, including a saddle fitting course which looks at biomechanics, how to differentiate saddle issues from other issues, girthing issues etc etc.

Over the years Pam has learned that fitness and preparation is key, in order for a horse to be able to perform well. Also, competitions put horses under stress and unless they can cope well with this pressure, they can suffer both physically and emotionally. Just like us, horses have different characters, and cope with situations in different ways, some being more confident and able to cope better than others. This can result in varying degrees of tension held in a horse’s muscles, depending on work intensity, pain and also whether they are happy with their training and work load.

Whether you have a happy hacker or a top level competition horse, they all can benefit from a bodywork treatment to ensure their physical and mental well being is cared for, and to improve their flexibility and freedom of movement.